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"Hi, I'm Miles O'Brien," smiles an officer wearing Operations gold. He has a friendly, relaxed disposition about him. "Welcome to the Enterprise. Now that you've passed quarantine, we want you to be comfortable while you're here. We're doing everything we can to get you home, but in the meantime we hope you'll consider the Enterprise a home away from home. Let me show you around."

With a broad wave, he beckons you to follow him as he starts explaining a few important things.

The Ship, and Why You're Here
End of the Tour, and Noteworthy Moments (game events)
The Federation and Starfleet
Who's Who on the Ship
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The Vice Admiral's mission had been somewhat ... interrupted by the sudden regression to physiological childhood of not only him but also Agent Learmont and Lt Cdr Coates. Not to mention so very many of the visitors to this ship they'd come to investigate. Although everyone is now looking the correct age once more, the interviews he'd wanted to conduct shortly after arrival haven't happened.

Until now.

Tyrrell is seated at the head of the table in the conference room that's been set aside for their interviews, sipping a cup of coffee and occasionally pausing to glare at it. Not because there's anything wrong with it -- it's replicator coffee made to his specifications -- but because he's not pleased at the delay to his mission this interference by Q has caused.

In front of him on the wide, long table is a PADD, and in between sips from his cup, he's reading through the list on it. The list is a sampling of Picard's interdimensional and intertemporal guests, including some of those whose pasts and abilities are ... of particular interest.

Agent Learmont, accompanied by Security, has gone to fetch them one by one. She'll be polite and professional, as is her way.

When each of their interviewees arrive, she'll show them in, then sit down opposite them, just around the table from Tyrrell. That way, it looks less like it's two-on-one.

This is not supposed to appear intimidating.


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